Международные молодежные программы

Young Europe

Young Europe” is an international network of young people and youth organizations
from Eastern and Western Europe and Central Asia created for assisting to social and cultural development of our countries in the spirit of common-human, common-European and humanitarian values in order to build the united Europe of the new millennium.

“Young Europeans” want to see their countries with socially-oriented policy, developed self-government and civil society, fully participate in the life of the united Europe and are ready to put these principles into practice by all their will and efforts.

We, the Young Europeans, do not see a place for our countries beyond the borders of the “open Europe”. Our place is in the united and open Europe, Europe without borders and barbed wire, without Berlin Walls and totalitarian regimes, without bomb attacks of peaceful cities and national conflicts.

Our place is in Europe. It means – here! And Now!

Some of the main objectives of “Young Europe”:

  • promoting “European values” (tolerance, intercultural dialogue, Human
    Rights standards, etc.)in the countries of Eastern Europe and
    Central Asia (“political Europe” according to the OSCE version)

  • promoting “oriental
    values” (culture, art humanitarian (liberal) approaches and ideas)
    in the countries of Western Europe

  • resisting to the new “iron curtain” which is beginning to emerge between the
    countries of EU and CIS – by means of cooperation of young people
    form “the East” and “the West” in the first of place.

"Yong Europe" actively cooperates with different international and national youth (and not only youth) organizations and networks including the International Network – Youth Human Rights Movement, the Youth Network against Racism and Intolerance, the Network of Non-Violence and Culture of Peace, etc. The leader of “Young Europe” Anastasia Nikitina represents the organization in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.

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